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Our Story

Never in human history has life been this complex. Better in many ways, but increasingly complex. Technological complexity causes the average person to reach "information overload" shortly after breakfast each morning. Financial complexity, with the proliferation of financial instruments and strategies, requires the need to proactively adapt as your nest egg grows.

At Trinity Financial Strategies, we leverage the capabilities and the depth of insight of LPL Financial-- the largest independent broker dealer in the entire country*-- to address our clients’ complex financial challenges. We then help successful individuals, families and business owners address the only two questions that have ever them up at night: “Will I make it, and do I have any financial blind spots?”

Many people we speak with have never even defined "it." So the first thing we do is sit down and help you define everything you are trying to accomplish with your wealth… with a high degree of specificity. We then take a look at everything you’re doing financially to determine if what you want to happen actually has a chance to occur. We basically map your current financial structure to your overall short-term and long-term financial objectives. If those two things align… congratulations! If they don't align, we point out your specific challenges and give you detailed recommendations to help you get back on track.

Once we've addressed Question One, we move to Question Two: "Do I have any financial blind spots?" At this stage, our team takes a 360° look at you financially, to determine if there is anything you might have overlooked that could be potentially devastating to you, your family or your business down the road. Any risk exposure we uncover will be brought to your attention, and again our team will provide strategies designed to help you mitigate those risks.

The freedom of independence is how our story begins. Through our affiliation with LPL Financial, we offer our clients complete transparency - no hidden fees, no proprietary products to push and no conflicts of interest. Because our allegiance belongs only to our clients, you can be confident that we are always sitting on the same side of the table as you, working on behalf of your best interests.

Fiduciary responsibility is the next chapter of our story. As an Investment Advisor Representative, Timothy J. Brunnock strives to hold himself to the fiduciary standard, putting your best interests first. In contrast, many brokerage firms are merely held to a "suitability" standard, which allows their commission-based advisors to recommend costly products that may not be in their clients’ best interest. At Trinity Financial Strategies, we offer no proprietary products, and therefore have none of the inherent conflicts of interest that exist when advisors are required to sell the latest “hot product”.

Credibility and trust are the keys that run throughout our story. As a practicing attorney, Timothy J. Brunnock considers his financial advisory services to fall under the same umbrella of strict confidentiality usually associated with attorney-client privilege. This trust helps us form deep relationships with our clients, who come to depend on us as their family’s “personal CFO.”

As our story comes to a close, we should mention why we do what we do. We enjoy sitting down with people, talking about what they want to accomplish and helping them put a plan in place to help them work toward their goals. And when we can help our clients find success, that gives our jobs meaning. So our story would not be complete without the most important character:


*As reported by FInancial Planning magazine, June 1996-2014, based on total revenue.